If yard signs can win elections, they can certainly win customers for your business. Like brand mushrooms popping up on lawns, they blare the name of your company and increase your brand recognition. While yard signs can’t talk with customers, they are an affordable, low maintenance way to advertise your brand 24/7. Let us design simple, effective signs for your business! 

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Here are a few tips to create a successful, impactful sign!

Keep it simple! 
You want to keep your signs simple and to the point. The majority of viewers will be in a moving vehicle and won't stop their car just to view your sign. Basic information such as business name and/or logo, top services, and phone number provide enough information for your potential customer to remember and search at a later time. 

Make em catchy!
We recommend a simple color pallet with bold text which will stand out against the surrounding landscape. We have plenty of templates and a team of graphic designers to assist in creating the perfect advertisement for your business. Need a eye catching logo? We can do that too!

Location, Location, Location!

The placement of your signs are just as important as the design. Pick location known for car and foot traffic. Street corners, shopping plazas, highway medians are excellent locations. Of course, be cautious during your install. 

Yard signs are a great, cost effective, low maintenance option to grow your local visibility. In rain or shine, yard signs stand firm in advertising your brand. Get your name out in the neighborhood!   

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